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​Our institute convenes a meeting of appraisal and assessment of the Secretary of the branch of the teaching and Labour Party to grasp the party's construction and commentary

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At 3 p.m. on February 27, 2019, the Party Committee of the College of Mathematics and Statistics held a meeting on "Secretaries of the Teachers'Labour Party Branch Grasp the Evaluation and Evaluation of Party Construction Reporting Work", which was attended by the leaders of the College, members of the Party Committee, Secretaries of the Teachers' Labour Party Branches and counselors.

At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary Wang Zhong comprehensively summarized the Party building work of the College in 2018, affirmed the results of the conscientious and diligent work of the branch secretaries in the past year, and believed that only with the joint efforts of the branch secretaries, could the Party building work of the College be carried out in an orderly manner. At the same time, Secretary Wang Zhong also pointed out the shortcomings in the work, and further pointed out the direction of work in 2019.

Secondly, the Secretary of the branch of teaching and working staff expounds his duties in four aspects: fulfilling the responsibility of Party building, the progress and effectiveness of Party building work in the branch, the situation of Ideological and political work, the problems existing in Party building work in each branch and the improvement measures in the future. On the basis of a careful summary of the past year's work, the Secretary of the branch investigated the facts from facts and put forward concrete measures for improvement.

Subsequently, the branch secretaries reported to the College Party Committee the ideological trends of teachers and students based on their own investigation of public opinion within the branch.

Finally, Secretary Wang pointed out that in 2019, the Party Committee of the College should further implement its main responsibility, straighten out its work responsibilities and relationships, and clarify for whom, who and how colleges and universities train people. All Party branch secretaries are required to improve their political standing, adhere to the correct political orientation and education orientation, and make good use of the inspection opinions of the school inspection team in 2018 to carry out the rectification work and promote the further development of all aspects of the work of the college.