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Meeting of Academic Committee of Key Laboratories of Mathematical Physics in Hubei Province was held in our university

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On the morning of November 23, the 2018 Academic Committee Meeting of Hubei Key Laboratory of Mathematical Physics was held in Fengyazhai, 9th floor of our library. Professor Li Daqian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Cheng Chongqing, Nanjing University, Professor Wang Gengsheng, Tianjin University, Professor Zhang Jiping, Peking University, Professor Zhao Junning of Xiamen University, Professor Zhu Changjiang of South China University of Technology and Professor Zhu Xiping of Zhongshan University attended the meeting. Professor Xia Lixin, Vice-President of our university, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The heads of personnel department, development planning department, finance department, science and technology department, laboratory and equipment management department and other relevant functional departments attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Peng Shuangjie, Dean of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

In his welcoming speech, Professor Xia Lixin, Vice-President, briefly introduced the overall goal of the discipline construction of our university, fully affirmed the achievements made in the discipline of mathematics, expressed his earnest expectations for the meeting, and welcomed the members of the meeting to discuss the development plan of the discipline of mathematics, indicating that the school would do its utmost to support the construction and development of the laboratory. Professor Li Daqian, chairman of the Academic Committee and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, thanked the leaders of the school and related functional departments for their support at the opening ceremony, and fully affirmed the preparatory work of the Academic Committee of the Laboratory. Professor Li Gongbao, the director of the laboratory, gave a report on the work of the laboratory in 2018. He introduced the progress of the laboratory in scientific research projects, scientific research papers, personnel building, personnel training, scientific research awards and academic conferences. He also reported on the implementation of the opinions put forward at the last academic committee meeting.

Subsequently, the participants had face-to-face communication with the leaders of the relevant functional departments of the school on the current development of the laboratory. At the meeting, specially invited laboratory members Jiang Daijun and Deng Qingquan made academic reports respectively. The participants listened to two academic reports carefully and discussed the contents of the reports in depth.